Brazil Codigo Postal State Wise

Above you can find the list of Brazil Codigo Postal State Wise. Brazil is a great country. You can see map of Brazil below. To find the current population of Brazil, click the link below.

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Country Information

Country Code BR
Country Name Brazil
Country Alph3 Code BRA
Country Numeric Code 76
Capital Brasilia
Country Demonym Brazilians
Total Area 8514877
Population 210867954
Idd Code 55
Currency Code BRL
Currency Name Brazilian Real
Currency Symbol Cz$
Language Code PT
Language Name Portuguese
Cctlid br


Question: What is the Country Code of Brazil?
Answer: The Country Code of Brazil is BR.

Question: What is the Alpha3 Code of Brazil?
Answer: The Alpha3 Code of Brazil is BRA.

Question: What is the Numeric Code of Brazil?
Answer: The Numeric Code of Brazil is 76.

Question: What is the Capital of Brazil?
Answer: The Capital of Brazil is Brasilia.

Question: What is the Demonym of Brazil?
Answer: The Demonym of Brazil is Brazilians.

Question: What is the Total Area of Brazil?
Answer: The Total Area of Brazil is 8514877.

Question: What is the Population of Brazil?
Answer: The Population of Brazil is 210867954.

Question: What is the Idd Code of Brazil?
Answer: The Idd Code of Brazil is 55.

Question: What is the Currency Code of Brazil?
Answer: The Currency Code of Brazil is BRL.

Question: What is the name of Currency in Brazil?
Answer: The name of Currency in Brazil is Brazilian Real.

Question: What is the Currency Symbol of Brazil?
Answer: The Currency Symbol of Brazil is Cz$.

Question: What is the Language Code of Brazil?
Answer: The Language Code of Brazil is PT.

Question: Which Language is spoken in Brazil?
Answer: Mostly Spoken Language(s) in Brazil : Portuguese.

Question: What is the Cctld of Brazil?
Answer: The Cctld of Brazil is br.

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