What is my zip code? Find zip code of your current location

To find best results for your current location please allow us to fetch your lattitude and longitude information.

We provide information and results for postal code and zip code from almost all over the world. This is the best we can help people to find zip code of their current location even if they don't know name of their city, state, county, place or even country.

How we find zip code of current location

When you allow us to fetch your current location we extract lattitude and longitude of your location and provide zip code of your location from our giant database.

How accurate is our result to find current zip code

We are 90% accurate in our results. When we don't find zip code for provided lattitude and longitude then we provide zip code for the nearest location.

In which countries does this tool works?

This tool works in almost all countries and provide zip code for their locations.

Does this tool provides current zip code or it provides postal code, pin code, codigo postal, posta kodu, post code also?

This tool not only provide current zip code but this postal provides current postal code, pin code of my location, mevcut konumumun posta kodu, código postal de mi ubicación actual, my postcode.

Is it safe to use this tool?

Yes, it is safe. We just locate your current location and gives you results thats it.

Is "What is my postal code tool free to use"?

Yes this tool is free to use. You can use this tool millions of time and you will cost nothing.

How can I find this tool again?

You can bookmark this page in your current browser and use whenever you need.

Can I share this with my friends?

Yes you can share this link with your friends so that they can also locate current zip code. You can share this via whatsapp, facebook or any other social media platform.

What is the source for this information?

We provide this information from Geonames which is free source, accurate and trusted site.

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