Cyprus Postal Code State Wise

Above you can find the list of Cyprus Postal Code State Wise. Cyprus is a great country. You can see map of Cyprus below. To find the current population of Cyprus, click the link below.

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Country Information

Country Code CY
Country Name Cyprus
Country Alph3 Code CYP
Country Numeric Code 196
Capital Nicosia
Country Demonym Cypriots
Total Area 9251
Population 1189085
Idd Code 357
Currency Code EUR
Currency Name Euro
Currency Symbol
Language Code EL
Language Name Greek
Cctlid cy


Question: What is the Country Code of Cyprus?
Answer: The Country Code of Cyprus is CY.

Question: What is the Alpha3 Code of Cyprus?
Answer: The Alpha3 Code of Cyprus is CYP.

Question: What is the Numeric Code of Cyprus?
Answer: The Numeric Code of Cyprus is 196.

Question: What is the Capital of Cyprus?
Answer: The Capital of Cyprus is Nicosia.

Question: What is the Demonym of Cyprus?
Answer: The Demonym of Cyprus is Cypriots.

Question: What is the Total Area of Cyprus?
Answer: The Total Area of Cyprus is 9251.

Question: What is the Population of Cyprus?
Answer: The Population of Cyprus is 1189085.

Question: What is the Idd Code of Cyprus?
Answer: The Idd Code of Cyprus is 357.

Question: What is the Currency Code of Cyprus?
Answer: The Currency Code of Cyprus is EUR.

Question: What is the name of Currency in Cyprus?
Answer: The name of Currency in Cyprus is Euro.

Question: What is the Currency Symbol of Cyprus?
Answer: The Currency Symbol of Cyprus is €.

Question: What is the Language Code of Cyprus?
Answer: The Language Code of Cyprus is EL.

Question: Which Language is spoken in Cyprus?
Answer: Mostly Spoken Language(s) in Cyprus : Greek.

Question: What is the Cctld of Cyprus?
Answer: The Cctld of Cyprus is cy.

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